No matter how digital this world has turned. Your handwriting would remain something you will always be judged for. And poor handwriting just doesn’t make you seem a sorted personality. Although you must have done some cursive writing books in your vacations during your childhood, that’s something you always hated and which is why you are here today.

Well, no worries. In this blog i’ve stated some really practical tips and steps , you can use to improve your hand-writing.
All you need now is focus and consistency, and you’re done.

1. Look at your handwriting. What is that you want to improve about it? Do you write a mix of small and big letter? Do you forget keeping proportional space? Or what is it?

2. After you already know what’s that you need to improve, look for a handwriting you really admire. You can find it on instagram as well as YouTube.

3. Get yourself a really good pen , which is also comfortable to your hand and doesn’t cause pain.

4. Check out tutorials to learn the correct posture as well as position of hand for writing.

5. Start with copying your favourite handwriting style.

6. Focus on keeping each and every alphabet perfect. Practice alphabets again and again until you achieve it.

7. Look, look and look at some really good writings. Notice what is making them look that good and get yourself the inspiration.

8. Get yourself a writing guide or cursive writing book, in case you want to practice it.


9. Download applications from playstore or appstore for writing practice, read reviews, see improvement of writings of people who tried out and it will help you choose better for sure.

10. Go slow, understand that it will take time. Don’t force yourself for it. Just ensure that you practice it every day.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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