How to improve your Travel Experience?


Travel experience is something you remember all your life. It’s quite important you ensure that it is worth remembering. Planning your tour can change the whole experience.

Make this tour worth cherishing forever, just by considering simple points:

Choose destination

Irrespective of whether you want to visit a local place, outstation or abroad, choosing the right destination is the most important thing. It’s always better to choose a place after doing research on Weather, Peak season, Activities and Distance. Ideally, you shouldn’t choose a heavily crowded place. Once you are done with choosing the right place for you, you should plan to reach there. There can be several means of travelling, such as bus, car, train or plane. Now, find out the right vehicle to reach there. Your decision can be based on these factors:  Budget, Time or number of days available, distance from the stop, preferred mode etc.

Be an Early Bird

Have you chosen a place to visit this vacation, but haven’t booked tickets yet? It’s very important to book the tickets at least before a month or two. Not just it increases the chance of your ticket confirmation, but also provides you early-bird discount when you book well in advance. Price of tickets usually increase in the peak season. So, ensure that you book much prior to your planned date.

Book Hotels

Booking of hotels is as important as booking tickets. It becomes even more essential if the timings of train or plane you choose, are odd or late night/early morning. There are a number of Booking applications that can confirm your stay, at the desired location, just by booking online. In case you are travelling local or are sure of on the spot booking, you can skip it. But, ideally, you should book hotels well in advance to avoid any mishappenings. Make sure that you also make arrangements for reaching the hotel from the station or airport.

Plan your luggage

Start planning of what all you need for ”somedays outside your locality”. Starting from the apparel to first aid box. you should plan it well in advance so that you don’t miss out anything. Do not forget to carry your sunscreen if travelling to a place with high temperature. Also, carry some snacks or packed-items to keep you satisfied during an emergency.

Check with all Essentials

Before you leave your house for the tour, check all essentials. Ensure that you carry at least 2 copies of tickets, boarding pass and other id proofs. Do not forget to go through instructions if travelling through plane. It will make you clear with non-permitted items and maximum luggage load allowed. Ideally reach the airport or station with a margin of two hours, to keep things easy.

Be curious

Curiosity is the key to enjoy. Bring out your childhood and enjoy everything from travelling there to sight-seeing and eating. Be a good observer and explore each and every place you visit. Don’t regret the boring-you after some years when you miss the tour.

Take Photos and notes

In times of emerging technology, don’t forget to take pictures using your camera or smartphone. But, make sure that you enjoy the landscapes and beauty too. Photos will just help you cherish the memories of your tour after some years.

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