How to increase reach on Instagram


Whether you are an influencer or have started an online business, gaining followers is way too important for your brand image. Let us accept the fact, people or pages with more followers are often trusted more than those with less.

Here are a few way you can get more followers on Instagram:

Optimize profile
The very first essential requirement for getting more followers is to have a profile that interests people and represents everything well. For this, have a username which is searchable, mention bio and post related pictures.

Post regularly
Would you be interested in following someone who posts regularly and frequently or someone who doesn’t publish for weeks? Obviously the first one. So, make sure you post on frequent basis.

Use Hashtags
Hashtags play an important role in promoting posts naturally by making it makes posts more searchable and thus increases reach.

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If you can’t personally reply to Comments or DMs, at least post engaging content. Yoir content should feel like you are directly conversing with the reader. Share stories and ask for comments, polls or questions.

Promote instead of purchase
Identify the difference between buying following and earning followers. When you buy fake followers, you aren’t going to get anything out of it. Nor they will be as engaging. Real ones may be gained by promoting as only those follow who are genuinely interested in you.

Ask pages, brands or bloggers to collaborate with you and get your profile posted in their stories, while doing the same in return. It will help you reach out more people without.

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