For many of us, it isn’t feasible to buy fruits and vegetables fresh or every time before cooking. But is it that the shelf life of these farm produce isn’t much and these get deteriorate with days, and in fact hours. If you are looking to store them in such a way that they last long and you can keep them for a week without making a difference, then you are at the right page.

Following are some tips on increasing the shelf life of fruits and veggies:

1. Don’t simply refrigerate
You may have heard or read that the shelf life of fruits and veggies can be extended when kept in refrigerator. Well, that’s true but not for all products. Some items like potatoes, onions etc. remain intact when kept in open and not inside your fridge. So you really need to know what’s best for a particular produce.


2. Don’t wait
Many a times you come back from grocery shopping and are too tired or lazy to store veggies or put them at the right place. You keep it as it is and leave for hours. After which, it already starts to lose its freshness. You must, therefore look for proper storing mechanism and start with it as soon as you get it and not leave them in open/ in poly bags.

3. Remove roots
In some veggies which have roots, like carrot, beetroot etc., you should cut those roots well before storing them. This is because the roots absorb water and make them lose their natural moisture.

4. Dry them
If by any chance your veggies are wet or have some droplets of water, or say you’ve washed them, then you must also wipe them before storing. Storing wet veggies, especially in closed jars or packets can simply rotten them in hours. So ensure that it doesn’t have water.

5. Store in a cool place
Ever for the fruits and veggies which you feel will be better when placed outside refrigerator, requires to be stored in cool temperature and not in direct sunlight or near gas stove or oven. Also, always ensure you don’t store anything near or in water. It should be a cool and dry place.

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