How to keep a conversation going with your crush

Conversation with crush feels like a bliss. But does your conversation ends up really soon? Because you don’t know how to keep it going, and even worry that it will cease to continue ever again? Well you need not to fear anymore. Here are 5 ways you can keep it going:

1- Question as much as you can
Questioning your crush about his likes, dislikes, family and other personal information won’t just help the conversation continue, but also strengthen your bond, and help you get to know more about them.

2- Share about yourself
Just questioning them won’t help. It has to be from both sides. While you are asking them about their hobbies and family members, tell about yours too. It will keep them interested in the conversation.

3- Get back to old convo
If you aren’t able to think of anything new, it would be good if you can recall anything you have already had a conversation upon. Foe example, if the person told you his/her mother wasn’t well, ask about her now, how’s she doing?

4- Compliment
Complimenting your crush about his/her appearance, display pictures or simply about their habits, can make a lot of difference. Appreciating someone makes them feel special and happy, and also gives them a positive image of you.

5- Memes
The simplest way to initiate a talk is by sharing memes and jokes. Not just it will give you a topic to talk about, but will also ensure that your crush smiles because of you, and trust us, that really matters!

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Aastha Kochar

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