How to keep your bathroom organised

Keeping your bathroom organised is no easy task. Especially when it requires a hell lot of material to be stored but the space is very limited. So how do you manage to fit everything within?

Here’s what all you can arrange to store your products without making it a mess:

Floating bathroom shelves

Floating bathroom shelves is the best way of utilizing the horizontal and vertical space of the bathroom. You can place anything from toilet rolls to shampoo bottles, soap or anything you use in bathroom.

Plastic boxes under sink

An amazing idea to store your creams, soaps, cosmetics or hair accessories would be in plastic boxes. The greatest advantage being it will remain safe there. But when to place those boxes?? Under your sink.


Whether it’s your hair dryer or straightening machine, or even your combs, a holder may contain it all. Place it near your washing basin and you are done.

Towel bar

A rod above your toilet or around the wash basin is a must. Keeping a hand towel exclusively to wipe hands after washing improves your personal hygiene.


Your washroom is incomplete without door hooks. When you go to bathroom, you take your towel and clothes along. But, where do you hang it, if not on hooks?

Cabinet storage

If you want to store your clothes and makeup products permanently in your bathroom, due to lack of space or wardrobes in room, you can choose to make a DIY cabinet storage or get a cabinet built on either side of the bathroom.

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