How to keep your home away from Coronavirus?

With Coronavirus cases rapidly increasing everyday, people are frantically doing every possible thing to keep their houses clean.

Although, keeping your hands clean and sanitised is the most important prevention. However, in these tough times, we need precautions beyond hand hygiene. Keeping our homes clean is in fact, the need of the hour.
But the prime concern is regarding the cleaning of home.

So, according to some experts, houses must be cleaned as well as sanitized.
By cleaning, we mean routine cleaning to prevent dust. But in these times, sanitizing is extremely important.

The high-contact zones of the home such as door handles, bed, ring bell, toilet flush must be cleaned regularly using disinfectant with atleast 70 alcohol that may help kill the virus.

Apart from this, keeping your clothes clean is as important as your hands.
Although it is not suggested to step out until things get better. However, if you do, remove your clothes and put them in a bucket filled with your regular cloth-cleaner , as soon as you enter the house. And make sure you wash your hands and then only touch anything. If you ignore this step and do not put on different clothes, it may transmit the virus on your hands and other surfaces.

Just remember everytime you enter your home from outside, assume that you are carrying the virus and then take necessary precautions to prevent your family and others from it.

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