How to live longer and healthier

Everyone wants to live a healthier and longer life. But not everyone knows how to. Although we can’t control our life and death, but we can still live in a way that increases our chances of living longer and healthier. Following are the ways that will help you live:

1. Stay active
A sendentary lifestyle can lead to innumerable diseases , which may lower your life expectancy rate. You must, therefore lead an active lifestyle which invludes doing household chores, yoga and exercise.

2. Eat fiber
Fiber helps digest food which are hard to digest. Thus, eating more fiber-rich food will improve your digestive system and help you stay away from any stomach issues.

3. Give up sugar and refined carbs
Diet which is high in sugar or carbohydrates can make you put on weight or develop lifestyle diseases. Try to limit sugar as much as possible. Obviously give-up added sugar and not natural sugar.

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4. Meditate
Meditation helps one refresh mind and stay mentally healthy. By just meditating for 10-15 minutes every morning you bring a positive change in your mindset and of course life.

5. Stay happy
Happiness is the key to happy living. No matter how much you live, live a happy life. Living only matters if you are actually living it willfully. So, do what you like until and unless it offends anyone.

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