How to live longer and healthy

Undoubtedly, life is unprecedented. Anything can happen anytime. Thousands of people don’t open up their eyes next morning. However, if we talk of natural death that happens at relatively old-age, it can be delayed, if we follow certain things in our life in order to be healthier and happier.

Below are those:
1. Cut on carbs, add on fibre
Carbs make you gain weight and develop a number of diseases. Whereas, fiber improvised and expedites our digestion process. Thus, in order to be healthier for longer time, we must cut down junk food and eat protein and fiber-based diet.

2. Stay physically active
Diet does help, but physical activities is the key to a healthy living. Make sure you keep yourself engaged in some or the other form of exercise. Whether it be aerobics or dance, playing basketball or badminton. Also be active and do hourshold chores on your own.

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3. Pursue happiness
A healthy body can definitely live more but if the mind and soul isn’t happy, it all goes in vain. Thus, you must seek happiness in life and try to make it spiritual and not materialistic, only that is the key to be happy at all times.

4. Sleep
Sleeping is yet another important factor that helps maintain one’s body and mind. You shouldn’t over stress yourself and ensure that you sleep adequately as it helps reduce stress and makes one feel relaxed and refreshing.

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