How to lose weight after pregnancy

One of the toughest challenges mothers face is to lose weight post-pregnancy. This is because they are so occupied with household work, taking care of baby and also managing with the delivery consequences such as stiches, aches and weight gain.

Following are some effective ways to lose weight during pregnancy:

1. Keep your body active by engaging light exercises, if not heavy. It can be brisk walking or simply doing household chores.

2. Don’t consume too much just because you need more energy, eat as much as you are hungry.

3. Eat more of fibre and proteins as these will help keep you full for longer.

4. Breast feeding in itself helps lose weight by burning calories, so do not take it lightly.

5. Sleep adequately but do not sleep excessively. You should ideally have 7-8 hours of sleep.

6. Avoid eating junk food and oils and instead take nutritious food.

7. Practice yoga and breathing exercises every day.
Following the above tips will definitely help you lose weight.

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