How to lose weight naturally?

If you have recently put on weight or you are chubby since your childhood, it doesn’t matter if you are truly concerned about it and are ready to work towards keeping yourself fit. It’s important to maintain a health weight not just to have an impressive body but also because it can prevent you from some serious health conditions.

But can you lose weight without gym or medicines? You certainly can.
Depending on your obedience to the following tips, you can lose about 3-7kgs easily in a month.

1- Hot water
Replace your cold or normal water with warm or hot water. Or atleast start and end your day with warm water. It helps expedite the weight loss process. Also, try to drink a glass of water every hour. Do not stay dehydrated.

2- Avoid carbs
Replace your high carbs food such as potatoes, rice etc by brown rice, oat meals and fruits. Try to reduce your calorie intaie as well.

3- Protein
If you are on a weight loss journey, try to consume as much protein as you can, it will really helps you with weight loss. You may increase your intake of whole grains, spouts or egg whites.

4- Physical activity
Physical activity is extremely important if you really want to lose weight.
Choose whatever you like. It can be any of your favourite sports, running, exercise or even brisk walk. But, ensure that you give atleast 45 mins to that activity everyday. It helps boost your metabolism and therefore helps with losing weight.

Supplement your high protein dietb with high fiber food. Include cucumber, carrots, broccoli and whole grains in your diet. It will definitely help with fast digestion. You should also replace your oily snack with fruits such as apples, blue berries etc which are low in calories.

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