How to maintain a Healthy Relationship- Tips for a Great Relationship

Tips to a happy and healthy relationship.

Who doesn’t want a great relationship? Everyone has relationship goals and expectations.
But not everyone is able to maintain a healthy relationship.
It’s quite easy to dream of a relationship like Romeo -Juliet. But it requires a lot of commitment and dedication to make a relationship last happily forever.

Here are a few tips that will help you maintain a healthy relationship with your partner:


“If he loves me, he will understand everything”
Please don’t expect your partner to be ‘God’ and understand your emotions without you telling them. Share your feelings with them and tell them how you feel about certain things. The more you will communicate and tell of things that make you unhappy, more are the chances of you both living happy together. Communication is the key to a happy relationship.

2- Give space

A relationship isn’t everything! It may mean a lot to you. But, you need to look beyond it as well. You certainly cannot expect your partner to be there for you 24*7. Let yourself and your partner breathe. Give time to your hobbies, friends, family and work. And, give each other space for their personal lives.

3- Be Honest

Until and unless you are loyal with your partner, you cannot make your relationship last. No matter what, your partner will understand and forgive you for you mistakes if they really love you. Don’t be afraid to share anything with them. It’s better to be honest and telling them rather than hurting them later when they get to know from elsewhere.

4- Stop looking for Perfection

Don’t look for ‘perfection’, or else you won’t find happiness. In search of perfection, you will not enjoy those little moments of happiness. Look for the positive side of your partner. Don’t always complaint, accept who they are. And be a forgiving person.

5- Don’t compare

Comparing is the worst thing you do to your relationship. Every person is different. And so is every relationship. The more you compare your partner or relationship with that of others’ , more are the chances that you are annoying them. No one liked being compared. It will only weaken your bond. Appreciate them whenever their actions make you happy. And find the best in them.

6- Respect their opinion

No two persons are same. If you and your partner contrast in thoughts, learn to respect theirs. Even if you think they are wrong. Be polite enough to understand their point and keep yours. Don’t always try to dominate and prove yourself right. It will only mess up your relationship.

Understand that no relationship is a ‘bed of roses‘. Accept ups and downs as a part of it. Just be committed enough to stand with partner no matter what. Even the most happy couples you see on TV, aren’t that happy in their real life. Understand the difference between REEL and REAL world. And , you will definitely find happiness in your own life.

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