How to maintain a healthy social media follower base

Social media has become a significant part of our lives. In a way, its the new God, and we are its Slave. We see more, hear more and understand more through social media than we do through any other conventional channels. Better yet, it makes us understand OUR society, in terms of our culture, opinions, likes, dislikes.

Today many of us document everything we do (well, the cool stuff, the stuff we’re proud of) online. We take pics, make it look a little bit better than it actually did and watch the likes rack up. One of the main reasons why social media has taken humankind like a storm is the sense of connection it provides. People are so connected with each other through social media that it makes the world to be smaller beyond landscape.
Through networks like Facebook and Instagram, people can connect with their friends and family, anywhere in the world. The existence and actives of a personal is even being monitored and measured on a scale called the social quotient. Even big and reputed companies check social quotient of the applicant before hiring a new employee.

Here are few Pointers to Improve your Followers Base:

  1. Connect with more People
The Follow button is the direct means of gaining more followers. You need to follow people to get followed. Friends and family are not enough to create a good follower base. You need to search and find real and active accounts in the platform and follow them. This is a popular strategy especially if you are starting out because many users will follow back those who follow them. After all, social media is all about discovering and connecting with more and more people!
2. The game of Profiles
Your Profile is your FACE on social media, make sure you use good skincare and makeup to maintain and beautify it.
Two things that everyone notices at first in your profile is your username and your profile picture. So make sure you have chosen a genuine, recognizable and relatable username (this is for networks like Instagram, where you can set unique usernames other than your real names. For networks like Facebook, use your real name). As far as your profile picture is concerned, use your own image for starters (leave celebrities alone!). Make sure it is a clear picture, and your face is recognizable. Write an interesting bio (like an intro) and use hashtags or keywords to make it attractive.
3. Keep a Healthy Feed
Having a nice name and Profile picture won’t do the trick. You got to have a nice set of posts too.
You need Content. Most people go wrong at this stage. They often post random, unrelatable and boring posts that drive their followers away. Follow the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid). It’s not a place for lengthy pieces of text. Post relevant, and meaningful things to keep up with the trend. Social media is very visual, and you only have few seconds to attract, so be creative. Don’t Post personal feeds. Your followers should not be smothered with your selfies and videos, but should get a glimpse of how you think and what you like. That’s what attracts a crowd.
4. Use Hashtags
Hashtags give your posts more visibility. With social media networks now enabling users to follow hashtags, you can tag your posts and updates with hashtags so that it is seen by more, unique people who are interested to see similar posts. An important note? Don’t blast your posts with hashtags. Just use relevant and popular hashtags so that genuinely interested people view your posts and hence follow you for more similar updates. (#KeepItRelevant)
5. Be interactive
Once you have a good feed of posts, make sure you engage. Interact with followers who comment on your posts, by replying to them and maybe even messaging them. Promote your posts. Connect your social media account to your website, your blog and your resume. Promotion can be done also using the business tools that networks provide (tools are often paid services and usually costly, like Facebook and Instagram business ads) or just by sharing and leaving links in other comments. Say something like “This is an excellent post! Check my new update at (link)….”
That’s it! Keep up with these points and build your own loyal, and interactive follower base!
Think we missed out something? Leave your comments below!

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