How to make eyebrows at home using razor

Do you also feel like it is impossible to make eyebrows at home? And that’s the only reason for which you have to visit make efforts and visit salon every 15 days? And the most troubling thing being this lockdown and pandemic, amid which you can’t even make a visit. If you are willing to get your eyebrows shaped without much of efforts, here’s how you can:

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If you don’t already own an eyebrows-razor, you must do that now. It is a must-have tool that is not just simple to use but also easy to carry any where. You can order it from nykaa, amazon or any other reputed site selling cosmetics.

Now the process is really simple but you need to be very cautious because the blade is quite sharp and you may get cuts.
You have to start shaping your brows from its tip and firstly remove the extra hair from above , i.e on your forehead.

Then move on to the main brows. Once done, go ahead with the bottom line and in the end, the middle region of your face which is between the brows.
If you aren’t sure of how much to remove, before starting draw your ideal eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil. Also, be cautious of not cutting down your eyelashes.

Here’s a video for your reference:

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