How To Make Eyebrows At Home

Although lockdown is all set to over, a number of beauty parlours and salons are still not allowed to open up. And even if they are, it is damn risky to step out to get your brows done. Don’t worry! We aren’t asking you to stay with those thick and shapeless eyebrows, but instead try doing it at home with these easy steps.

1. Clean
Wash your face and clean your eyebrow area. Make sure it doesn’t have any moisturizer or oil applied and is wiped away. Cleaning also makes it define even better.

2. Pluck
Take a pair of tweeker an pluck extra hair from the brow. Be careful with doing this step and don’t try to pull out more than one at once and do it in the same direction of growth.

3. Cut
Now brush your eyebrows well and cut the upper part, which has extra long hair. Make sure you cut it very carefully as eyebrow is the most sensitive and important part of our body.

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4. Apply Ice
Once you are done, give your skin a soothing time. By applying Ice on the brows, you will prevent any redness, allergy or acne on the skin.

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