How to make Oreo Fudge with 3 ingredients

If you are wondering when the lockdown would end and you’ll order your favourite food, you are missing out great days when you can cook, eat, sleep and repeat. Instead of waiting for things to get normal outside and risking your live, why not utilise this time baking an oreo fudge, with as little as three ingredients. Don’t doubt, just follow the below recipe:

For this oreo fudge, all you need is Oreo biscuits, condensed milk and white chocolate.

Step 1- Add one tin of condensed milk in a vessel and put it on low flame.
Step 2- Break approx 500g of white chocolate into small cubes and add it into the milk.
Step 3- Stir the mixture regularly as it melts, to stop it from sticking to the base.
Step 4- Take approx 20 oreos, crush them by putting them into a plastic bag and grinding them down. (Don’t forget to save some of the crushed biscuits to garnish on the finished product.)
Step 5– Once it’s all mixed in, pour it into a lined baking tray and add some more Oreos on top, pressing them in.
Step 6-Leave the dish to set at room temperature or leave it in the fridge until it hardens.
Now, cut it into pieces and enjoy!

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