How To Make The Internet A (Reliable) Source Of Income

The Internet has lately become the key to our way of life. From entertainment to communication, from academics to sports. It now plays an important role in the way that we do everything.

No matter how many “I earn $40,000 a month working from home” ads you see, the idea of earning a stable income via the Internet seems like a scam. However, it is a very real possibility, and one people are exploring to amass economic capital.

So, here is how you can earn money through the internet.

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There are various sites that you can use to do this. However, all of these are long-term commitments and require dedication to yield results.


A YouTube channel is the first thing that comes to mind when anyone thinks of earning money online. This is because it not only has a mass global reach, but it is also very accessible. Anyone with an email account and a smartphone camera can start a YouTube channel. Moreover, the immense diversity of content available on the platform means that you can start a channel on whatever you like, from DIY furniture to funny cat videos.



The easy way to understand blogs is as the text version of YouTube. There are millions and millions of blogs currently existing in the world, all of them talking about distinct issues. Some of them talk about fashion hacks, while some talking about political situations around the world. If you think writing is your forte, you can establish a blog for free via free blogging platforms like Blogspot and Wix, and write away!

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Ads on YouTube (TOP) and on a blog (BOTTOM)


AdSense, however, is the final key to both your YouTube channel and your blog being a source of income. YouTubers and bloggers earn through the advertisements displayed on their videos/website, and this is what AdSense helps with.

Once your channel/blog is performing well and garnering a high amount of views, you can register on AdSense. It will show your viewers targeted ads and make your website/channel a revenue generator!

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