How to make viral Dalgona Coffee?

The social media is flooded with hacks during the coronavirus quarantine period. One such kitchen hack is the ‘Dalgona coffee’. And literally, almost everyone is trying it and ended up with mixed reactions.

So let’s see how do make this coffee-
1-Take a glass and put 2-3 ice cubes (optional). Now fill the 1/3rd cup with normal milk.
2- Now take a bowl and add equal proportions of sugar, coffee powder and water. For a glass of coffee, we suggest adding 2 spoons of each of these ingredients.
3- Take a blending machine or hand blender and mix it really well.
4-Beat it until you get a foamy and light texture.
(Hand blender may take upto 15 minutes, don’t lose hope)
5- Once you achieve that texture, add it in the glass of milk, you’ll find it floating and still over the milk without being mixed with the milk
6- Sprinkle some coffee powder or choco- chips, depending on your preference and availability.
7- You are done! But, don’t forget to take it picture to post on Instagram, once done, enjoy the coffee!

Many users were quite happy with the result and called the time worth devoting.
However, some called it ‘traditional blended coffee’ being given a new name during the quarantine. But anyway, this quarantine coffee is worth giving a try!!

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