How to manage mental health during covid-19

As the number of covid-19 cases increases days by day, the lockdown, restrictions and curfews remain on it’s place. And as the quarantine and isolation period continues, the mental health remains at stake. Waking up with the same walls of the house and being surrounded by a limited social group can be a challenge even on the best of days. I

order to overcome these unprecedented times and prevent mental health conditions like depression, following ways should be adopted to manage it:

1- Set a Routine
It is normal to miss out your major work during this time. But there may be many things you can do instead of just lying on bed and feeling anxious. Setting up a routine for next morning or the entire day can help you keep motivated and active. Make To do list and follow it. Do through the list at evening to see if there’s anything you didn’t complete.

2-Care for Yourself
Being Healthy is extremely important during this time when you are vulnerable to virus. Not just your physical health, but mental health is at stake. So, eat healthy, do a little exercise and meditate to feel relaxed.

3-Help Those In Need
Offer to run errands for those who cannot. Make a meal for your neighbour or video chat with friends you haven’t spoken to, for a while. Such gestures remind people of the good that can be found in the world. Not only will you spread some joy, but you never know when the favour might be returned.

4-Stay Connected
Although you can’t physically spend time with others, that doesn’t mean you can’t connect with them. Face times, virtual game nights, or even a quick phone call can cheer up both you and those to whom you reach out.

5-Focus On the Positives
There are tons of positive news outlets popping up due to the pandemic, but we choose to ignore them. Give yourself a dose of positivity every morning and night. It may be funny animal videos, comics, or simply reading about good things going on in the world. By focusing on what is going well around you, you may help yourself fight anxiety.

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