How to open up for a romantic relationship

Before you get into your first romantic relationship or a new relationship after your breakup, you need to be mentally and emotionally prepared for it.

A romantic relationship isn’t just about making a physical bond, but rather about an entirely new bond with emotional connection.

Thus, when you enter a new relationship, you need to ensure that you are completely over with your previous one(if any) and ready to share your life intimately with a new person.

Following are some key points that can help you open up:

Know yourself
The first step you must do is to study your behaviour patterns and know yourself both emotionally and sexually. It’s important to know what you are looking for, in a person. Reflect on your feelings and talk with people about how you feel or what you are noticing about yourself, without expecting them to put you back together again.

Avoid “sextimacy”
Sextimacy is a cycle of working to achieve emotional intimacy through hastened sex.
If you plan to start your relationship with sex, assuming that you will be better emotionally connected by doing so, then you are wrong. Researchers say that you aren’t likely to develop an emotional bond if you do before having feelings for the other person.

Separate psychologically from your parents
When starting a romantic relationship, it’s important to become independent by taking your own decisions, doing what you love and keeping their interfernce minimal in your everyday work. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend time or enjoy with them, you definitely should. But over involvement of them into your life will not let you live your live independently and develop your taste and needs for a partner.

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