How to overcome possessiveness in relationship

No relationship is perfect. Every relation has some flaws, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t love. A common factor that causes fights and misunderstandings in relationship is ‘possessiveness’.

So, what possessiveness is?
According to, Possessiveness in a relationship is the deep need to hold on to a person for himself or herself only. When you do not want your partner to spend time with anyone else or even pursue interests outside the relationship, when you want all of someones attention and love.

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Why is it an issue?
Possessiveness isn’t morally correct as you do not own the other person or how they should act/behave/live. It often leads to fights, misunderstandings, trust issues and complicates relationship.

How can one overcome it?
Following are some tips, following which can help you overcome possessiveness in your relationship:

1. Give space to your partner and allow him/her to enjoy their personal time.

2. Give them time to change, you can’t expect one to change all of a sudden or over a night. Things take time.

3. Allow trust to build. Take things easy.

4. Don’t lie, share it with your partner. Don’t assume that he/she will react negatively.

5. Don’t assume about them without knowing or listening it from them.

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