How to pamper your boyfriend

Life isn’t easy, but busy! Do you always expect your boyfriend to make it easy for you by doing things that make you happy? Well, that’s great! But shouldn’t he expect the same? He does it or not, it is important that you do something for him too, something that makes hin feel relaxed and more loved, after all relationship works with the efforts of both the partners.

Here are 5 ways you can pamper him and make him happy:

1. Romantic dates
Dating once in a while is a need for every relationship. To keep a relationship fresh and romantic, and of course keeping your boyfriend happy, you should plan going on date. May it be a candle-light dinner, or simply a day out on lunch, he’s gonna love it if you plan it.

2. Body massage
Imagine when you get back to home tired and you get relaxed by a body massage. Why do you always expect him to do it for you? Won’t he feel romantic if you do it for him? Just don’t think, do it next!

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3. Help him
Helping him in his household chores or projects will make him feel so light and delighted that he would want to love you even more. It can be as little as helping him arrange his wardrobe or plan with things he is tensed about.

4. Book
Oh no! Not buying him a book if he doesn’t life. But booking tickets for him. It may be for a movie, a visit or any programme he is really interested in. It will give him time to relax amid hectic schedule.

5. Appreciate
We girls need someone to tell us how good we are. Someone who could count us as his blessing or compliment us about our looks, dressing or a job we did. The same goes with boys. Your guy would love if you appreciate him on little things.

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