How to pick up best hair color based on your complexion

Changing hair color has been a trend for years now. And let us accept that we all are bored of the same hair color, style or length and thus, coloring hair can give us an all different look. But we can’t simply go and get a color done imitating our favourite celebrities as it can drastically change our look- even negatively!

What hair color would suit you depends on a number of factors such as the texture of your hair, your complexion among others.

Here’s a guide from that can help you choose the best hair color as per your skin tone.

Warm Skin Tones

Warm skin tones tend to shine when paired with a warm hair color as well. If you’re looking to go lighter, Kitty Greller, a colorist at Bumble and bumble Midtown East, recommends “a blush-y, pinky blonde.” Bodt agrees, saying “golden beige and buttery blonde” are two of the best shades for someone with warm undertones, citing Lucy Boynton and Sophie Turner as two celebrity examples of the warmer blondes.

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People with warm skin tones who want to go brunette “should gravitate toward shades like caramel, butterscotch, or clove.”

“To try out rainbow colors, the same guidelines apply: warm shades like coral, rose gold, apricot, and yellow were recommended by all the colorists. If you want to try blues and greens, it recommends placing them toward the back of your hair, keeping warmer colors at the front to framing your face.”

Cool Skin Tones

If your skin contains cool undertones, look for cool hair colors to complement it. It states that “platinum, beige blonde, and baby taupe blonde” are the best blondes for cool skin.

People with cool skin tones will find shades of blue (hello, Billie Eilish), green, and purple easiest to pull off in the rainbow category, though you can always play around with cool reds and pinks too.

Neutral-skin tones

How do you know if you have a neutral tone?

“If your veins look like a mix of blue and green or you think your purple tee looks just as good as your orange one, then you just might have neutral undertones”, it states.

All the colorists Bustle spoke to agreed that neutrals have the most flexibility with color. “They can really do [any type of blonde], from super cool platinum or pale be.

Well ultimately, this is just a guide to beginning. Hair color is temporary and you can experiment with it until you are satisfied and love it completely.

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