How to post videos on social media

Nowadays videos are coming up to be more beneficial for the business or personal use. People include videos in there feeds to attract more people to their channels and accounts on different social media. And why not videos are more reliable and its more comfortable to remember the content of the video rather than that of any picture or static post.
Here we have some tips to introduce your videos in such a way that they don’t go unnoticed and leave an impression on you worldwide followers.

Different platform Different Needs

The first and most essential step to start with is choosing a platform according to ones need. Each one has a different technical requirement and different way of addressing. All the platforms have their pros and cons. One must choose the suitable one that full fills all the elements, whether the video has to be short and sweet like that on Instagram of a detailed one like in YouTube and Facebook.

Fitting Into Social Media Parameters

As discussed above each platform has different requirements that are being fulfilled to upload the video. Not all platforms have similar technical settings, and it is also not possible to do it manually. To perform all the settings automatically different tools are available like video editor by VSDC and many other.

How to get all the attention you want

After setting everything accordingly and uploading the video the most tricky and hard part is reaching out for views, leaving an impact on the viewers and the followers. But we have a pro tip to handle this situation also.

First, most of the videos are viewed without sound, thus adding subtitles help a lot. We know YouTube gives us the feature of generating subtitles automatically, but this option is not available on every platform.

Secondly, don’t lag. Too lengthy videos are hard to watch and generally people skip before even finishing them. Try to present the message within 10-20 seconds of the video rather than stretching it to 2-3 minutes.

Third and most important – use CTA- call to action. With your every video leave a question or something like, “ like and share” or “tag a friend” or “like if you agree”. This is also important because you have to engage your views so that they don’t get distracted, which is very common on social media.

And also the hashtags. They are critical to reaching out to the audience with the same taste as well as the audience with different feeling at the same time. Use as many as you can in a social media platform.

In the end, the most critical factors still are the time and creativity. Give all your time in the videos to make them form an impression. And be creative and think different to engage your viewers with your stunning videos.

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