How to Prevent Break-up during lockdown?

Relationships require loyality and understand, but it also requires time commitment. Lockdown has caused people to stay within four walls, and traveling to spend time with that special one person has become a dream for many of us now. While, earlier you used to spend time together, now this distance has started to create endless conflicts and change in attitude and you feel like breaking up, right? Well, it’s not just you but a lot of couples at present.

So, how to keep things moving this lockdown?

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1. Spend time
No matter if you aren’t able to physically meet, you can still spend time with each other. Do things through which you can stay connected. It may include playing online games, doing things at same time, for example reading novels or anything you both are interested in.

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2. Video calls
Technology has made it much easier to stay connected now. Video calling actually has an edge over normal calling. Even if you two are so busy at your work, you can simply look at each other and feel yourselves being together.

3. Avoid conflicts
Conflicts are bound to happen in every relationship. But, you can definitely reduce them by avoiding topics that you know will make annoy the other person. For example, if your bf doesn’t like any of your male friends, try not to talk about him.

4. Appreciate
Yes, tell them they look beautiful, or that you love their nature. Remind them of how much you love them, and it will keep them happy. And avoid teasing them or sayinh negative things.

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