How to prevent excessive weight gain during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the happiest face of every woman’s life. However, gaining weight is what can worry some women and some even decide to not plan a baby just because of the fear of gaining too much weight. But, why to sacrifice your happiness just for this? Follow the tips given below to prevent excessive weight gain during pregnancy:

1. Don’t eat for two
Everyone around you would tell you to eat double, since you have one within you. However, that’s not true. Your baby doesn’t need the same amount of nutrition and calories as you do. At least in the first trimester, do not eat excessively. In the later two, just have some extra portions.

2. Eat healthy
Your baby doesn’t need pizzas, burgers or momos, nor do you. By eating this junk, you will not just gain weight but also risk your baby’s development. So, eat healthy.

3. Small but frequent meals
Having small but frequent meals are important as it helps improve digestion and thereby preventing excessive weight gain.

4. Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding actually helps lose weight during and post- pregnancy. So, if it is possible to breastfeed your elder baby, it can help you. Or else even doing it post-delivery will help burn calories.

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