How to prevent Imitation Jewellery from tarnishing

No doubt imitation jewellery looks stunning and gorgeous. If you are also a big fan of it, you must be having a huge collection. But, does your jewellery get tarnished? It is very important to store it well to prevent it from corroding.

Here’s how you can:

1. Do not wear while taking shower
Absolutely never wear your imitation jewellery while you are taking bath. Exposing it to water can make it turn black. So, always take it out before you go.

2. Keep it away from perfume
No, it isn’t that complicated. Wear Jewellery after you are done with perfume. It is as simple as that. Or else, the components of perfume can erode your favourite jewellery.

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3. Seal it
After you take remove your jewellery, store it in an air-tight container just like you keep your food. It will make its beauty last for years by preventing oxidation. For this, you can also use plastic bags and seal it.

4. Smart ways to clean
If you feel like your jewellery has gathered some dirt particles, you can use a clean toothbrush to get rid of it.
While, if you believe it has long its stunning shine, you can try out lemon+ baking soda and rub it on your imitation jewellery. Alternatively, try out white vinegar+ warm water. It will give your astonishing results.

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