How to prevent Shoe Bites

Shoe bites are really painful especially in the season of monsoon when we wear stilettos
for dance nights. But what is that causes it? Poor quality or material of footwear or poor fittings. So how to prevent it?

1. Try and buy  : when you buy or order any footwear, especially heels or stilettos, wear both and try walking to check if it is comfortable. Comfort should be your priority when buying footwear.

If you have bought shoes which aren’t comfortable, and you face trouble and looking for solution, you can do the following:

2. Wear double socks: wearing double socks can keep you away from the hard material of the shoes.

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3. Use vaseline petroleum jelly: Rub it on the parts that cause shoe bites. Leave it overnight and wear it the next day.

4. Blow dry: Put a pair of socks in both the shoes and blow dry using a hot dryer. You will find that the size of shoe is expanded , so now your ill-sized shoes will become properly-sized and won’t cause you pain.

5. Freeze zip locks: Take two zip lock packs and fill them with water. Place in both the shoes and keep them in freezer. Take it out after a few hours. You’ll find the size of shoes expanded. And so it may hardly cause any trouble.

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