How to propose a boy

Most of the girls rely on boys to propose them for relationship or marriage. But it is 21st century. Times have changed. If you feel special for a guy, let him know without hesitating. But how to propose in a manner he loves it and accepts without any second thought? We are up with some tips that will definitely work:

1. Give Hints
Don’t shock him by directly proposing face to face, it may make them think. Give him hints frequently on texts and calls, flirt a bit and talk in way that shows it all!

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2. His favourites
Know him well, check out his choices. Understand whether he would love to be proposed at a beach or on a movie day, in front of family or friends, or may be alone. This will be a bonus tip that will ensure he enjoys your proposal more.

3. Talk to friends
Know his friends, make them yours. Talk to them about what you feel for him and that you want to propose him. May be his friends would already tell him or give hints, so he feels more comfortable.

4. Look for right time and day
Do not simply propose him on any day, judge his mood, at what time he would be free and happy, or may be any special day of his life, like his birthday or your relationship anniversary ( in case you are proposing for marriage).

Following these will definitely increase your chances of accomplishment. Do not get disheartened if he didn’t reply at that time or gave a negative response, just believe in your love!

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