How To Quit Smoking

Now that you’ve decided to quit smoking, you need to make up your mind and give your 100% to it. But, it can only be effective if your follow certain things. Below are a few:

1. Decide day
After you have decided to quit smoking, the next step is to decide when are you gonna follow it from. As in, are you going to stop it all of a sudden after deciding or gradually decrease its consumption. There’s no better effective way. It all depends on you, so find which might work better for you.

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2. Tell near and dear ones
It isn’t easy to keep yourself away from the cigarette from day one. But to make it easier, tell your decisions to your family and friends or with who all you spend your day. Ask them to remind you and be strict to not let you do it again.

3. Similar company
Look for friends or mates who have similar ideas of stop smoking or who are already non-smokers. It will help you stay committed to your decision and keep yourself engaged.

4. Medication
If you find it difficult to naturally abandon smoking, go for a medical advice and start consuming tablets. It will not just internally stop you from wanting it, but also have a psychologist effect.

5. Counselling
Counselling can prove to be an effective way of preparing your mind to actually stop smoking. If you are willing to get results sooner, you can go for counselling or any natural therapies.

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