How To Regulate Menstrual Cycle

An average menstrual cycle is of 28 days. However, it can vary somewhere between 21 to 35 days. If your periods get preponed or delayed beyond it, it is called to be irregular.

If irregular periods is what keeps you worried all the time, you should try out the following:

1. Stress management
One of the leading causes of irregular menstrual cycle is stress. You may be overloaded with work or some personal issues, but it is likely that it is what causing irregularity in your cycle. You should keep yourself engaged socially and meditate to keep yourself relaxed.

2. Regulate weight
You may be underweight or overweight because of which you aren’t able to get your periods of time. Look what is that your body requires and how you can go about it.

3. Exercise and Yoga
Exercising would keep your body fit, while also regulating your weight. Yoga would keep your internal organs in good functioning and help you stay calm and positive, thereby reducing stress level.

4. Vitamin D
Vitamin D along with calcium is largely responsible for keeping your bones strong. Ensure that you take vitamin D and calcium supplements and also spend some time out in sunlight. You can also include fish, green leafies and other vitamin D sources in your daily diet.

If problem still perists, you should visit your gynaecologist and seek help.

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