How to remove Pubic Hair without pain

Pubic hair is an integral part of our body. Although the debate around whether or not you should remove your hair is always there. But if you really want to ensure practicing healthy hygiene, you must chop them off partly or completely.


If you are looking for a pain-less though best way to do it, i’m here to help you out with it.

First, If you are fine with just keeping them short so that they don’t really trouble you, you can go ahead with simple chopping using scissors.

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Second, To achieve a clean-shave look and that too without any pain, the best way is to use a razor. Here’s how you can shave your pubic region:

1. Trim your hair (in case it is too long).
2. Wet the area and wash it with an intimate gel to soften it.
3. Use a gel or lubricator or foam gel to moisturize it.
4. Now take a clean or sterilized razor and gently start shaving in the same direction of your hair.
5. Do not do it harshly, be gentle as it may cause cuts.
6. Once done, wash-off the area with cool water.
7. Dry it and apply a gel to ensure you don’t get rashes or itchiness afterwards.

Third, you can use a hair trimmer and remove hair gently (in the same direction).

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