How to sanitize a home with Covid-19 patient

Cleaning and sanitizing have become part of our lives since Wuhan-originated Covid-19 has hit the world. Although we have adopted practices of social distancing and self-isolating, the need to clean goods and home even increases in case any of our family member or room mate suffers covid-19.

So how to keep the home disinfected in case of any covid patient? Read further to know:

1. The infected person should be isolated in a separate room.

2. The patient should also be given a separate washroom along with room.

3. There should be no direct contact even if he/she needs any help.

4. The patient must also ensure wearing mask while he/she is in contact with any other member.

5. The utensils and equipments should be directly disposed off or sanitized/washed.

6. High touch risk areas should be identified and regularly disinfected. For example, flush button, door handles , light switches etc.

7. Room with infected person should be kept close for up to 7 days.

8. All the members must ensure washing hands with soap frequently for 20 seconds throughout the day.

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