How to Sleep amid Corona pandemic?

In the present times when uncertainty is at peak, and everything is at halt, sleep is no more easy!
It is normal to be stressed during this time.

And the level of stress increases almost everytime we Turn on Television for News. So, how to sleep well during this time?

1- Be calm before sleep
A healthy sleep is only possible if you are calm before going to bed. So check out your mood before prior to your sleeping time. Avoid watching or consuming news before it as it may increase your stress level, thus making it difficult for you to sleep. If you’ve just consumed news, don’t go to bed directly. Instead, try reading something or doing anything relaxing and once you feel better, go to bed.

2- Check Right time
Your body follows time table naturally. If you’ve fallen asleep late last night, you’re likely to fall asleep early today. So, keep your schedule simple and regular to be able to sleep timely. Although, it may vary by an hour or so, either prior or after the scheduled time.

3-Let light flow in
During the lockdown, you’re rarely able to get any sunlight. Thus, your body isn’t able to differentiate between day light and night. Let natural light flow in. Ensure that your rooms remain lightened , so it’s easy to sleep fall at night when there’s no sunlight.

4- Check your Bed
Ensure that you sleep on the same bed , on which you slept before the pandemic begin. Also try avoiding that bed for any day work or at least change it’s look during the day time by putting a blanket over it.

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