How to stay calm during Coronavirus Pandemic

Being confined within the same walls every morning and spending day with the same people can be stressful. In fact, stress in the times of Corona is pretty normal. But persistent stress can lead to weakening of immune system, thus increasing the risk of catching virus. So, it’s important to keep yourself relaxed and prevent yourself from any such condition.
Here are 4 ways you can help your mental health-

1- Breathe
Obviously you haven’t stopped breathing. But certainly need to breathe deeply. Inhale. Hold it for 5 seconds, and now exhale. Do it every single time you feel worried or under stress. Try keeping your posture correct while performing this. Sit by folding legs in cross, keep back straight and your arms forwarded, lying on knees.

2- Sleep
Sleep is an essential part of life. One must not undermine its value. Although you don’t have anything major to do, do not change your sleeping pattern. Don’t stay awake till late night. Ensure that you sleep adequately, for about 7-8 hours every night.

3- Eat heathy
It’s time when you need to take care of your health in the best possible way. Eating unhealthy or not eating can lead to weakening of immune, thus causing more stress to the body and increasing the chance of catching the virus. Increasing your consumption of vitamin C may help. It includes- orange, lemon, kiwi fruit etc.

4-Positive approach
Instead of thinking that you are stuck at home, remember you are blessed with a home. Consider it as an opportunity to do everything you thought you would, if you had time. Spend time with your family, pursue your hobbies and bring out your creative side.

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