How to stop biting nails

Some of us have this weird habit of biting nails throughout the day and feel humiliated when someone points that out. Well, it is not just humiliating but also unhygienic as the under-nail skin can have a lot of germs and bacterias that enter our mouth and make us fall sick.

So here’s how you can stop biting them:
1. Cut short
Cutting your nails on frequent basis and keeping them short can actually prevent us form biting it. Because you tend to do it when it is long. When it would be short, you won’t really have anything to chew. Isn’t it?

2. Apply nail paint
Applying nailpaint will prevent you in two days. First, by making it taste bitter and second, biting nails with paint will spoil your nailpaint, and i’m sure you would not want to do that.

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3. Commit
Nothing can happen or change without your willingness. So, commit to yourself that you will not chew it and whenever you find yourself doing it, you’ll immediately focus on something else.

4. Seek help from family and friends
Tell your family and friends about this habit and that you want to get rid of it. For this, as soon as they find you doing it, they should remind you or point it out so that you can switch.

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