How to Style a Gold Chain

You don’t need a special day to wear trendy jewelry. You can wear trendy jewellery and make it a special day”
And when it comes to Gold jewellery and specifically chains, you don’t need any other thing. Gold gives as previous look as it’s worth. However, chains may give different look on different people. It depends on the shape, size and tone of the person.

Not sure what kind of gold chain will suit you?
Don’t worry, we have made it simple for you!


Some styles of gold chain may look more flattering on some face shapes than other.
For example, choker style necklace helps draw attention away from the sharp chin on a heart shaped face.
Choker necklace would be the most suitable type for oblong or rectangular face.

Round or square shaped faces are visually elongated by wearing a long gold necklace.
For people with long necks, wearing a short necklace seems to be a preferable choice.


People with warm skin tones, look more flattering in gold jewellery. These people look best in earth tone colors, such as gold, apricot, brown, turquoise and green.

Many people prefer yellow gold to white gold jewellery and if yellow gold is also your preference, do not hesitate to wear it.

Just choose a necklace with a narrow chain or one that has a colored gemstone in it that detracts from the yellow color in the metal.


A turtleneck or a top with a jewel neckline may need a necklace to prevent it from looking plain.

Choose one that is at least 24 to 28 inches long to give your outfit the best look. Necklaces with pendants is an ideal choice for such clothing.

Try avoiding small chains with this type of outfit unless you are adding a second necklace to your look.
If the fabric of your top or dress isn’t too busy, you can add two or more gold necklaces, to draw more attention towards your face.

Small and narrow chains are more suitable for outfits with plunging neckline or one that falls below the chain.

This prevents the chain from being bunched up in the fabric and adds an elegant look to your outfit.


Always apply makeup and hair spray before wearing chain. Sprays and makeup products can affect the quality of chain. It can turn the chain sticky and causing dust and other airborne particles to stick to it.

This dulls the shine of the jewellery and causes you to have to clean it more often.

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