How to surprise friend on birthday amid covid-19

If a person’s birthday falls in lockdown or during covid-19 , he or she may already be upset about not celebrating. If it’s your friend or loved one and you want to bring a smile on their face but you can’t be physically there with them, then read the entire blog and i’m sure you’re gonna make their day dope.

1. A video surprise
You can’t meet them, but you surely can send a creatively shooted video for your friend. So, get a unique and heart-touching video made for them. It can be you singing or dancing for them or simply wishing them with some beautiful lines or even withing along with other friends. Trust me, they’ll never forgive this lockdown gift.

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2. Send gifts
Yessss, you can still send them gifts using online applications. A lot of applications provide services of delivering flowers, greetings, cakes and what not to residences at scheduled timings. Believe or not, your friend would be completely shocked.

3. Group call
It’s already been so long since your group met or had a good time together, yeah? So why don’t you make a group video call on your friend’s birthday and surprise her? You can also plan to surprise her on video call by singing a song for him/her or celebrating it in anyway from respective residences.

4. Meet without meeting
If you are literally dying to meet your buddy, drive through your car and stand outside their residence. Call out a loud ‘Happy B’day __(name).’ It is a bit crazy but something they are never gonna forget in their entire life. But, ensure that you ask them to not come down to meet you or else follow social distancing really well.

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