How to survive a long distance relationship

Long-distance relationships can be hard to survive, especially if either of you is making causal mistakes as in a regular relationship. If you and your partner live miles apart and don’t want to build an emotional distance with each other, here’s how you can help your relationship sustain:


1. Communicate
Communication is the key to relationships. If you go without talking to each other for days, there is a high probability that either of you will lose interest. Thus, know the schedule of your partner and stay connected. But, do not over-communicate by fixing time, as it may become more of an obligation than will.


2. Find similar interests
There should be something to bind you together. And if it is interesting, you can adjust really well even if physically apart. It can be reading novels, watching movies, studying particular subjects, or anything.


3. Do together
Yes yes, I know you can’t meet frequently, but you surely can do things together while being apart. It is the 21st century and video calling has become an essential part of our lives. So you guys can eat, shop, play at the same time. By this, you’ll get something to talk about as well as time to spend with each other.


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4. Don’t assume

The biggest reason why most long-distance relationships break is assuming anything and everything about their partner instead of confirming it from them. If your boyfriend didn’t call you one day, you might develop negative thoughts like he must have been busy with another girl. It will only drive you both apart from each other.

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