How to talk to boys

Most of the girls want boys to talk to them first, but if you have decide to talk to him by your own, that’s an amazing. It may make the guy feel special about you.

Before you talk to him, you should keep a few things in your mind to be effective with your purpose of impressing him. Here’s it:

1. Smile often
Smiling leads to a better impact in building bonds. Smile often when you talk to him. Laugh or giggle on his jokes. It will make him feel you are more interested in him.

2. Touch
By touch we don’t mean being too flirty. Touch him casually on his arm, knee or shoulder. It will grow his interest in you.

3. Be polite
Who doesn’t like to talk to people who are polite? The guy would love if you would be polite, nice and good natured. But do not pretend to be too polite or it may appear fake.

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4. Appreciate him
Do not let go a chance to appreciate him. Tell him he did it well, if you feel like. Don’t hesitate to speak good about him. Compliment him for his looks and nature or whatever you feel like. It will leave him happy.

5. Play hard to get
Talk to him politely but not in a manner he takes you for granted. Learn to draw the line. He should feel good about you but shouldn’t feel like you are always available for him no matter how he treats you. And, never let your self-respect be compromised for him or anyone.

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