How work from home is an under-rated yet a great option

Many offices and businesses have shut their offices since the WHO has declared the Coronavirus outbreak as a pandemic.

Many organisations have opted for work from home for their employees till the time things get better.

And the time was made us realise the benefits of work from home which we have been neglecting since forever.
So, here’s 6 reasons on why you should work from home.

Less Traffic and pollution
Since the corona pandemic, most of the organisations have stopped operating in-office and allowed work from home for it’s employees. And the pollution levels have gradually cut down since then. Also, the traffic looks much more organised and with no huste. So, it would definitely be beneficial to the environment.

Zero commuting
While you are working from home, you don’t need to commute anywhere. It will save your time and energy to the fullest, also the amount spent on conveyance.

Saved costs
Apart from the amount spent on travelling, there will be savings on part of the company. The company wouldn’t require to pay rent or for purchase of office property. Also, many other costs including meeting, snacks for employees and allowances.

More time with loved ones
Working from home allows you to spend time with your loves ones including family, as you remain at home most of the times and also save time from travelling. Thus, you are able to focus more on your personal life.

Flexible timings
The greatest advantage of working from home is it’s flexibility in timings. You don’t necessarily have to wake up at 6 and reach office at 9, work as per the office timings. Rather, you can choose to work on the hours you are comfortable, given that the company doesn’t have any condition for it.

Happier Environment
While, in-office environment is definitely motivating, workaholic and serious, ,but it can also lead to stress and depression. Thus, working at one’s own place seems to be more comfortable and happy-place for many.

Not all companies can benefit with employees working from home. Thus, it’s necessary to note the nature of job and other requirements of the company.

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