HTC Vive Cosmos – VR Headset Launch

In just a couple of weeks, HTC is going to launch their cool VR headset – Vive Cosmos. This is basically a PC-powered VR headset which was revealed in the beginning of this year at the CES. Well, now it is close to its launch date and here is what you need to know about it.

HTC Vive Cosmos – VR Headset Launch

The Vive Cosmos has an LCD display with a combined 2880×1700 resolution (1440×1700 per eye). That’s higher than both the Rift S (1280×1440 per eye) and the new Valve Index (1440×1600 per eye), and represents an 88 percent increase over the original Vive.

As this is a tethered headset by default, in its standard configuration the HMD connects to a host PC using via DisplayPort 1.2 and USB 3.0. Alternatively, the VR HMD can be equipped with a WiGig-based wireless adapter from HTC.

HTC also confirmed the Vive Cosmos offers a 90Hz refresh rate, which is higher than the Rift S (80Hz) but lower than the Valve Index (120Hz). The company had previously hinted at refresh rate, saying the Vive Cosmos allows users to experience VR at 90 fps.

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“Since Vive began our VR journey, we’ve continued to refine and improve on what a premium VR experience can and should be,” said Daniel O’Brien, GM, Americas, HTC Vive. “Cosmos offers an unmatched experience and is also our most versatile headset yet—with inside-out tracking, options in the future for different faceplates, unlimited content in the box, and the new user interface, we see limitless possibilities for XR customers.”

The Cosmos also includes a flip-up front plate design, which means you won’t have to take the entire thing off every time someone or something demands your full attention. In terms of sensors, the Cosmos doesn’t require any extra equipment thanks to its self-contained “inside-out” tracking technology. In most cases, this tech is a bit less precise than exterior sensor-based systems; but we can’t say whether that’ll be the case here without trying the Cosmos for ourselves.

Cost –

The Vive Cosmos costs $699 and comes with a set of controllers. HTC is also tossing in a 12-month Viveport Infinity subscription as a preorder bonus. This grants unlimited access to over 600 games and apps. It normally runs $12.99 per month, or $8.99 per month if paying for an annual sub. So, it’s a value of $107 and change.

HTC is opening up preorders immediately, and the Cosmos will ship on October 3rd priced at $699.

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