Human Behaviors we should Normalize

It is generally seen that there are some fixed notions set for how human beings should behave or conduct themselves. However, it is time to break all such stereotypes to normalize the idea of embracing ourselves the way we are. In this article, let’s take a look at the human behaviors we should normalize.

Strong + Gentle

Whenever someone is hailed as a strong personality is assumed that he or she will be rude or will not like anyone meddling with them. However, there is no such rule that a person who is strong physically or mentally can’t be gentle or polite. You should never judge someone based on their outer personality and should always let their nature do all the talking.

Bold + Vulnerable

If a person is bold, then it doesn’t mean that he or she can’t have a vulnerable side. A person and be both bold and vulnerable and there is nothing wrong with the same. Every person has some or other problems going on in their lives irrespective of whether they are bold or not. Thus, we shouldn’t judge a person if he or she has more than one side to them.

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Assertive + Humble

Being assertive means the ability to stand up for your own self without the fear of being judged. It is a very important quality considering it helps in expressing one’s views and opinions. However, if a person is assertive then it doesn’t mean that he or she can’t be humble. Every individual whether rich or poor, extrovert or introvert should be humble with every individual around them.

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