“I Did A Little Dance” – Jacinda Ardern Declares New Zealand Coronavirus-free

Out of all the countries that have been attacked by the novel coronavirus, some have done a very good job of fighting it. Taiwan, Georgia, and many others were able to survive the pandemic without sustaining considerable damage to their economy and public health. One such nation is New Zealand, led by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

She announced on Monday that New Zealand had become coronavirus-free.


“Today there are no active cases [of coronavirus] in New Zealand.”

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PM Ardern also revealed the encouraging statistics of the virus.

“We have tested almost 40,000 people for COVID-19 in the past 17 days and none have tested positive.”

“It’s been 40 days since the last case of community transmission. 22 days since that person finished their self-isolation.”

She announced that the nation would now be moving to reopen its economy, and lift the restrictions imposed on its citizens.

“We will move to level 1 to get our economy fully open again and we will start almost immediately.”

“Unlike the rest of the world, not only have we protected New Zealanders’ health, we now have a head start on our economic recovery.”


She added –

“That’s because at level one, we become if not the most open then one of the most open economies in the world.”

At the press conference, a journalist asked Jacina what her immediate reaction was to hearing this news.

“I did a little dance.”

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Jacinda Ardern

“She [Neve] was caught a little by surprise but she joined in, having absolutely no idea why I was dancing around the lounge.”

Jacinda Ardern and New Zealand have proved that fighting a global pandemic is hard, but not impossible. It takes strong leadership, as well as swift and direct action.

At the time that Europe is recovering well, the global spread of the virus is worsening. The WHO chief announced that the organization recorded its highest single-day rise in cases on Sunday.

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