If you had breakup before Valentine’s day, remember these things

Breakups are painful. And if you had breakup recently, or around valentine’s day, it sucks even more. The entire day, you’ll be surrounded with couples confessing their love for each other in public, or gifting bouquets and chocolates to each other in big restaurants. And even if you decide to stay at home and simply spend time scrolling through your facebook or Instagram account, your feed will be full of couples expressing love. It can actually dis-hearten you.

Just remember these four things on this day, and you’ll forget them:

1-Valentine’s day is about love, not your ex

People look at valentine’s day as a day for couples or boyfriend-girlfriend. Remember that this day is for LOVE and not your ex, who cheated on you. Make this day, a special one by spending time with people who are close to your heart. They may be your friends, family or anyone else you really love. Celebrating it with people who value you, will not remind you of the person who cheated on you or left you.

2- You can spend more on yourself

Remember how much you used to spend on your partner? Those luxurious gifts or restaurants bills, didn’t let you spend much on yourself. Take this valentine’s as an advantage by spending more on yourself. What could be better than gifting yourself something that you wanted from so long? Or giving yourself a sumptuous lunch treat.

3-It’s better to stay single than with a wrong person

Is it even worth giving your precious time to someone who doesn’t value you? You may feel good going out with such a person, but think about it practically. Is there even any future with a partner who isn’t loyal? Or is it better to remain single and enjoy your life, without any restrictions.

4-It’s just a day

Do not take Valentine’s day too seriously, it is 14 February, a day and not entire year. You need not to worry about being or dying single. Make the best out of your year. And consider it as a day to give your time to people close to your heart and not those who never cared. You’ll also this love craze among people only on this day, and things will be back to normal on 15th.

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