If You Want to Shop, Here’s When the Big Stores Close

Christmas shopping might come natural to organized planners who get their gifts well in advance and store them. But for those of us, who are the late comers and last-minute sprinters, managing gifts at the last moment is still something that is quintessential. If you are looking at any shop that will be open till late, the list isn’t that long. So, hurry!

Amazon orders need to be placed by 9:30 a.m. local time for same-day free Christmas Eve delivery in select areas for orders over $35, while Prime members can still avail a 2 hour delivery for groceries. Not too shabby, is it.

There are multiple stores that are offering Apple product pickups at a 2 hour notice period. Products such as iPads, iPhones etc. have seen significant sales due to this last minute availability. Amongst the major brands that are open during Christmas day, the top brands include CVS, Starbucks and 7-Eleven — but not Walmart. And when it comes to the major brands that are open on New Year’s Eve, we have Kohl’s topping the list.

According to the National Retail Federation’s annual December holiday consumer survey, 13% of Americans were expected to buy their final gifts on Super Saturday but more than 6% were waiting until Christmas Eve. This statistic should definitely make those late coming experts seal a sigh of relief, considering the major proportion being hand in hand.

Please click here to find out the complete listing of each of the major store brands here in the US alongside their respective operational timings and remember – choose the store based on its availability rather than just distance proximity for there is also a major chance that while the brand is running stores in the country, it might be your branch that has decided to leave early and get a head start on the celebrations.

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