Update: Instagram Revamps IGTV to Suit Consumer Preferences

Instagram has become wildly popular and continues to grow leaps and bounds. It’s long-form video platform IGTV has not gained similar traction after being launched over a year ago. It is still a secondary social sharing option for Instagram users and many of them are oblivious to its existence in the first place.

Instagram made a bet on big-time influencers to promote the format and attract users to create content on the platform. However, these efforts have not yet borne the desired outcome and IGTV has not propelled to become a key content platform. Keeping this in mind and witnessing the rise of other video creation platforms, Instagram has adopted a new format for IGTV earlier this week. As per TechCrunch, this platform works more along the lines of Snapchat and TikTok.

Instagram has removed categories and the lower screen horizontal feed of videos. Instead, IGTV will now have a singular video feed curated by Instagram’s algorithm with videos playing one after another. They also introduced large video tiles that users can scroll vertically.

The singular feed is taking hints from TikTok’s way of playing one video after another. The larger video tiles look a lot like Snapchat’s Discover. This is how the feed looked before:

Obviously, this is an attempt to capitalize on content trends that have worked wonders for other social media platforms. Whether the same works for IGTV remains to be seen.

As noted by TechCrunch, the singular feed works for TikTok due to its shorter content format which allows content to play one after another while giving the user the freedom to skip the video entirely if the content is not interesting. IGTV has long-form content which isn’t ideal for this type of setup. This system relies heavily on Instagram’s algorithm which would work well if it is able to continuously push videos that match the user’s interest. If there’s a gap in this department, it could be problematic.

Regardless of all speculation, it is definitely worth trying. Instagram has said that it has other ideas to expand the use of IGTV as a bigger and better platform. Whether these changes prove effective or don’t keep up with the rapidly evolving consumer trends, only time will tell.

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