Ikea Symfonisk Speakers are the Best Affordable Sonos

It looks like Ikea and Sonos are planning on a long term contract over speakers from next month, i.e. August. During that period you would be able to purchase Symfonisk table lamp speakers as well as Symfonisk  bookshelf speakers;  which according to certain sources, sounds amazing!

Symfonisk Table Lamp Speaker –

The goal of the Symfonisk series is to put speakers in places (such as the bedroom) where you might not ordinarily want something that screams gadget. If you’ve got a partner who prefers to keep tech — even speakers — out of there, they might be more amenable to the idea of an Ikea-designed lamp that also happens to pull double duty as a great-sounding speaker.

Basically, it’s a lamp with a Play:1 inside. That’s really the best way of summarizing the Sonos / Ikea table lamp speaker. The internal components aren’t an exact match for the Play:1 or Sonos One, but those are the speakers that Sonos modeled the lamp’s audio performance after, and you can definitely hear it. The Symfonisk lamp will be available in both white and black, but the latter is delayed a bit and won’t be ready at launch.

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Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker –

The bookshelf speaker very much resembles a speaker. But right out of the gate, it becomes the most inexpensive Sonos speaker you can get. That’s a big deal in its own right. Does the newfound tag-team of Ikea and Sonos meet its potential? They’re off to a good start, with two debut products that are easily worth the money if they appeal to your design sense.

They also fully integrate with Ikea’s Tradfri smart home platform and Home Smart app. When Ikea’s smart blinds finally ship in October, you’ll be able to set up automated scenes that include the Symfonisk speakers. So in the morning, you can have the blinds go up, lights turn on, and music start playing automatically.

Ikea designed the bookshelf speaker so that it could be mounted to a wall; and actually serve as a small shelf. You’ve got to be sensible in terms of what you put on top of it; as it’s only certified to hold 6.6 pounds of weight. A few books and you’re done. If you mount the speaker near your bed, Ikea also sells a placemat that will prevent your phone from vibrating off of the top.

It is also available in white or black; and it is styled in a way where it’s also clearly meant to blend in with a room and not call much attention to itself. You can lay it flat or stand it up; rubberized feet and the audio controls make it obvious which way is right side up. Unfortunately, there’s no aux input on the bookshelf speaker.

Availability –

Next month, you’ll be able to purchase the Symfonisk table lamp speaker ($179); or Symfonisk bookshelf speaker ($99); from your local Ikea or from the home furnishing store’s website; these devices won’t be available from third-party retailers like Best Buy or even directly from Sonos.

They look Ikea on the outside; but both are very much Sonos speakers on the inside and seamlessly integrate with other products in the company’s lineup like the Sonos One, Beam, Play:5, Play:1, and more.

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