IKEA’s Smart Blinds to be Released on October 1st

Ikea’s previously delayed Fyrtur smart blinds have gotten a new US release date of October 1st, the company confirmed today, following the newly announced August launch in Sweden.

IKEA’s Smart Blinds –

With the smart slides FOURTUR and KADRILJ, the light inlet can be controlled wirelessly from the bed, sofa or desk thanks to the included IKEA WIRELESS remote control. LIGHTHOUSE is a dimming blind that shuts the light out completely, while the KADRILJ lets in some light and reduces the light reflections on your screen.

smart blinds

The blinds are also compatible with the IKEA TRÅDFRI app which enables control directly from mobile or tablet together with our other IKEA Smart range. The app adds features such as simplified pairing and timer control of the blinds. WIRELESS app can be connected to both Apple Home and Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control.

Features –

  • Remote control, rechargeable battery, battery charger, wireless signal amplifier and zigbee repeater included.
  • Up to 10 wireless blinds can be paired with a remote control.
  • In order for the blind’s wireless functionality to work, a zigbee repeater (included in the package) must be plugged into an electrical outlet within 10 meters of the roller blind.
  • The blind is pre-programmed with the remote control and the zigbee repeater.

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What IKEA says –

We appreciate your interest in our smart blinds KADRILJ and FOURTUR. These blinds were intended to be sold in February, but will now be available in August , according to our forecasts.

At IKEA we always want to offer the best possible product to our customers. The delay is due to the fact that we found an opportunity for increased functionality and therefore wanted to update the products’ software before we launched the blinds in our stores.

The Earlier Scenario –

The smart blinds were originally planned to launch in the US on April 1st; but Ikea had delayed the launch for a firmware update because it found “an opportunity for improved functionality”. The company promises that you’ll be able to control the blinds with a phone. This is using the Ikea Trådfri smart home app; and through that, with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant voice commands. Ikea has also confirmed that the US will only be getting the Fyrtur blackout shades; and not the less opaque Kadrilj model.

Smart blinds themselves aren’t a new concept; but Ikea’s spin on the take grabbed attention when it was first announced due to the low price point; the Fyrtur shades will cost between $129 — $179 in the US, depending on the size; making them far cheaper than most other smart blind solutions.

Added price information for the shades and updated post to reflect that Ikea will only be selling the Fyrtur blackout model in the US.

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