3 Ways to Improve the Performance of Your Content

You have a website full of search engine optimized content. You consistently post articles to your blog. You’ve even put dollars behind promoting your content on social media.

And yet, despite all of this, your revenue hasn’t increased as much..

If maybe so, your content might not be good enough – not compelling customers to buy. In this post, we will look at 3 possible reasons why?

Correct these common mistakes to maximize the benefit from your content.

1. Talking about just features, not benefits

Features are great – they help make a logical case for buying your product or service. They can also be the keys to differentiating your offering from that of your competitors.

But a long list of features won’t answer the single burning question on the mind of every shopper: what’s in it for me? You need to go beyond the features to spell out the benefits of your product or service. When spelling out what your product or service has to offer (features), you must paint a vivid picture of how it will make the buyer’s life better (benefits), leaving an emotional impact on them and compelling them to buy.

Sure, short and succinct statements look clean, witty, and even elegant in their simplicity. But what is brevity without context. Without an apparent context, your message can become unclear – or worse, it can be misunderstood entirely. If clarity can’t be achieved with visual context, then clarity must be achieved with textual context.

Plus, when writing for the web, you can take solace in the fact that words are beloved by search engines.

2. No call-to-action for your buyers

Benefits and context aren’t enough – you also need a call to action (i.e., buy now, contact us today, etc.)

Sometimes, you need to fully immerse your potential customers in the experience of using your product or service. In those cases, your content needs to relate on a personal level. This can be achieved my case studies, or stories where a person’s life has vastly improved since they started using your products

It’s not enough to simply add a personalization token (e.g., <First name>) to your message. You need to step inside the shoes of your potential customers and speak to what motivates them.

3. Your content is full of typos and grammatical errors

Not everyone is a stickler for proper grammar, but most people won’t buy from you if your content is riddled with misspelled words. In fact, some studies have estimated that spelling errors alone have lead to millions of dollars in lost profits.

Sometimes, the person who has shared a piece of text could be the smartest person in the domain, but people won’t believe him when they read his content because there are grammatical mistakes, leading to a loss of credibility. The thought of the reader is, “there are so many grammar and spelling errors here, this guy doesn’t even know the language, he must not be knowing what he is talking about.”

Long story short, mistakes in spelling and grammar can make your potential customers’ Spidey senses tingle, damaging your credibility and hurting your sales. Even if you are a subject matter expert, people will prefer someone who has impeccable language because they are perceived as such.

To conclude, by describing the benefits of your product or service, providing enough context to ensure clarity, and motivating potential customers to buy while using correct spelling and grammar, you can create more compelling, enticing marketing content.

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